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FOX Business
Feb 27, 2014 9:00pm EST
, it would be about $660 billion. and that just covers today's deficit. >> everyone contribute to social security and everyone will take advantage of it when they hit and all the glh in the thinking of medicare. >> what we faced up to animal entitlement by letting people opt out? >> would you consider opting out of the whole system under one condition? donath the government for anything. >> we got a standing ovation. so what is wrong with that? >> i take care of myself and. >> we are doing a real-time experiment over the past couple of decades. we have been seeing the 401k programs that have been meant to type about retirement security. >> people suffer. john: this man was fired after working 35 years for the city. he had hoped to relax and travel. now at age 66, he is a security guard at the local mall. >> we put our money in every payday. >> i think that is very important as to why there should be federal programs. they're going to come and go with the economy. it used to be an industrial powerhouse. >> politicians are either good or responsible. >> i think it will have this. >> even t
FOX Business
Mar 1, 2014 9:00pm EST
. that just covers today's deficit does not touch the $30 trillion unfunded liability. >> it is the tention of the people. everody can take advantage same thing with medicare. john: what if we phase out the unsustainable entitlements letting the young people opt out? from paul propose that. >> would you consider opting out of the whole system under on condition that you pay 10 percent of your income but you take care of yourself and dn't ask the government for anything. heers and applause] john: he got a standing ovation. >> that is the liberty to star in the streets as an elderly person? >> i am responsible for myself. >> we're doing real-time experiment you can see the for a 1k programs they have been pretty much a ilure. there is a lot of the tax breaks that go to the rich. john: people have been since they can control. >> they are not saving even enough bically and it is difficult for people to save that way. peoplsuffer. a bunch of towns have already gone bankrupt one was prpritchard alabama. john: recently retired from the fire department after working 35 years. he hoped to relax and
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)